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BJP more fanatic, our main enemy in 2021 Assembly elections: CPI (M-L)

BJP more fanatic, our main enemy in 2021 Assembly elections: CPI (M-L)

KOLKATA: The CPI(M-L) came out heavily on the BJP saying that political attack in Bengal should be aimed only at the saffron party which is hellbent on destroying the very social fabric of the country.

According to CPI(M-L) there is no doubt that TMC is an autocratic party but BJP is both a fanatic and also an autocratic party with strong ideology. Srikanta Laha a leader of CPI(M-L) said: "We feel that although TMC is in power, we should focus on our main enemy ahead of the Assembly election in Bengal and BJP is more fanatic than TMC. As a result our main enemy is the BJP and we do not support CPI(M)'s idea that the TMC and BJP are different sides of the same coin." According to senior CPI(ML) leaders, the way BJP is trying to tactfully use its power, they might change the Constitution of India and so to stop a long-term damage they feel that the need of the hour is to choose our main enemy for the upcoming Assembly election.

The CPI(M-L) which has come up as a major Left force in the Bihar elections and has won five out of the 19 seats, feel that although the demography of Bihar and Bengal is different, CPI(M-L) can also act as an alternative political choice for the voters of Bengal.

"BJP is a threat to democracy and we feel that CPI(M) leaders should also re-think once before making allegations against TMC, as BJP and

TMC are not the different sides of the same coin," added

Laha. With BJP winning 18 out of 42 seats and gearing up for the upcoming Assembly elections, CPI(M-L) leaders feel that their main strategy should be to organise political campaigns targeting BJP's economic failure and Center's poor financial policies.

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