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BJP lying about free vaccine doses if voted to power: TMC

BJP lying about free vaccine doses if voted to power: TMC

Kolkata: Coming down heavily on the BJP, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders said the saffron party was again lying about providing free vaccine doses to people if voted to power.

Earlier, TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee had announced on April 21 and April 22 that free vaccine doses would be provided to the people from May 5.

Derek O'Brien, TMC Rajya Sabha MP, tweeted: "Here comes the free vaccine JUMLA announcement from Bharatiya Jumlebaaz Party @BJP4Bengal! Similar promise was made by them to fool people in Bihar before elections, which they conveniently forgot. Bengal won't be fooled. Do not trust BJP!"

Trinamool leaders said it had become a habit of BJP to tell lies and confuse people. In Bihar, the party had made similar promises, which they did not keep after the election was over.

The TMC leaders urged people not to get swayed by the lies spread by the BJP.

"From 2014, we have been listening to lies. Nobody ever received Rs 15 lakh in their bank accounts.

"The promise that 2 crore youths would be given jobs per year is another big lie," they alleged.

"After taking the whole country for a ride, they (BJP) are promising free vaccination.

"They should stop lying and work to provide vaccine doses and oxygen supply to the people," Derek said.

Incidentally, both parties' promises raise the question of violating Model Code of Conduct guidelines and bring up the humanitarian concern of setting a pre-requisite like an election victory in the path of a potentially life-saving drive.

Bengal still has two more rounds of polling to go, including the crucial Kolkata constituencies on April 26.

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