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'BJP is selling religion and patriotism to win election'

Purulia: Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee said on Friday that the BJP is 'selling religion and patriotism' to win the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a mammoth rally here on Friday afternoon, he said: "In the name of religion, BJP divides society and incites people of one religion against another." He urged people to remain vigilant to thwart any attempt by the saffron party to spark communal tension.

Coming down heavily on the saffron party for branding those trying to oppose BJP as anti-national, Abhishek said they were using patriotism as a tool for their own agenda.

"BJP has unleashed a Reign of Terror and anyone raising any question about the functioning of the Central government has been branded as anti-national. Who are they to teach us nationalism? We love the country and never discriminate people using patriotism as a tool," he said.

Criticising Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who had come to Purulia on February 5 and spoke about Hinduism, he said: "Adityanath's Hinduism has created division among people. We do not follow the BJP brand of Hinduism that teaches us to become intolerant and hate people belonging to other religions. We believe in the Hinduism taught by Swami Vivekananda. Our Hinduism is humanism. Religion is practised privately and in social life, a true Hindu will work tirelessly to develop society. He will love and respect those belonging to other religions."

He said Adityanath speaks about Hinduism but the BJP government did not spend a single penny on the development of Gangasagar, a major Hindu pilgrimage destination. "People like Yogi Adityanath will come and go and will never stay beside the people," he maintained.

Alleging that BJP is anti-Bengal, Abhishek said: "Their leaders who come here cannot read or write Bengali and have no idea about Bengal's culture and heritage. BJP sent the Income Tax department with notices to some clubs which organise Durga Pujas. But such notices have never been sent to those who organise Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra or Hanuman Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh. Why is this discrimination?"

He further added that in the Panchayat elections, BJP had bagged some seats in the Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad. But the party has failed to field any candidate for the Lok Sabha till date. "Is it their ego or has the party failed to find out a suitable candidate," he asked.

He said from May 4 till May 10 he will stay in Purulia, where the election will be held on May 12. He urged the people to vote for Trinamool candidate Mriganko Mahato, the sitting MP.

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