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BJP is a 'garbage of lies' and 'biggest curse to the nation', says Mamata

BJP is a garbage of lies and biggest curse to the nation, says Mamata

Bankura: Lashing out at BJP for playing with the sentiment of tribal populace just to "showoff by taking photograph while taking food at their houses", Trinamool Congress chairperson on Wednesday slammed it as a political party full of "garbage of lies" and "biggest curse to the nation".

"No one can spread unlimited canards and lies like them. They are unleashing torture on Dalits on one hand while on the other union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah is just showing off by taking food of five-star hotel in house of tribal family. Even they did not give significance to the need for treatment of a 16-year-old girl in the tribal family. They have insulted mothers and sisters in the tribal family by not having the food prepared by them and came out just to give tall talks infront of people," Banerjee said while addressing the rally at Sunukpahari ground.

The first public rally of Trinamool Congress supremo in Bankura turned phenomenal with unprecedented number of people turning up to listen to Banerjee with only a few months left for 2021 Assembly elections. The turnout took place despite the poor performance of Trinamool Congres in the district in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. According to the experts, it shows that the result of the Assembly elections would be completely different than that of the 2019 general elections. Banerjee said that Trinamool Congress will win in all 12 Assembly seats in the district after reiterating the overall development carried out by her government besides providing free of cost ration, health service and education.

"April Fool is observed only on one day in a year that is on April 1. But BJP makes people full all 365 days in a year. They have taken away all rights from farmers by amending the farm Bills. The state government has no step to take to check skyrocketing of the prices of potato and onion as the Centre has taken away all right from us. Now the market is being regulated by blackmarketeres. It shows that BJP is nothing but a curse of the country," Banerjee said.

"They spread canard that people were not allowed to organise Durga Puja here. Everyone knows that this is nothing but a blatant lie. We have given Rs 50,000 to each Puja organise so that they can organise the same properly at this critical time of Covid", Trinamool Congress supremo said adding that she also visited a village.

"I simply went there and spoke to them to know if they have any problem. This is called a visit with a genuine purpose. But their visit was just to gain popularity," Banerjee said. She also took a dig without naming any BJP leader saying that consuming gomutra cures Covid. But one of them have got infected to the disease despite having it.

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