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BJP has launched personal attack against me due to lack of political agenda: Abhishek

BJP has launched personal attack against me due to lack of political agenda: Abhishek

Kolkata: In an exclusive interview to a vernacular channel, Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee said on Wednesday that BJP has launched a personal attack against him as the party does not have any political agenda.

Banerjee alleged that BJP and CPI(M) are working hand-in-hand against Trinamool Congress, as the two parties are two sides of the same coin. "They know that under Mamata Banerjee's rule BJP will become a signboard party," he added.

"On January 19, when Mamata Banerjee called the United India meeting at the Brigade Parade grounds, CPI(M) did not join. They are helping BJP by supplying workers. They have also not lodged any complaint against BJP and vice-versa," he said.

Coming down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said he had called Mamata Banerjee a "speed breaker" because she has come in the way of fulfilling his dreams. "Mamata Banerjee has highlighted the faults of Modi and she is the only person to raise voice against him. Modi has tried to control everyone but has failed to control her," Trinamool Youth Congress president retorted.

He said it is unfortunate that the Election Commission of India is also working at the behest of the saffron party. "When a BJP candidate said that 1,000 people will be brought from Uttar Pradesh to teach Trinamool supporters a lesson and that they would be beaten up as dogs, no action was taken against the person. We have lodged several complaints but they have failed to yield any result," said Banerjee.

Denying the allegation that Trinamool is not allowing other parties to campaign in Diamond Harbour, Banerjee said: "It is a false allegation. If other parties do not have supporters then that is not our fault."

Stating that people know Trinamool Congress "will always be there beside them," Banerjee said he informs people every year about the projects taken up by him in the past five years.

He said Trinamool Congress will do well both in North Bengal and Jangalmahal, adding: "I stayed in Jangalmahal. People's response was huge and I hope they will bless us."

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