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'BJP destroyed Sonar Bharat, now making claims of Sonar Bangla'

BJP destroyed Sonar Bharat, now making claims of Sonar Bangla

Kolkata: Accusing the BJP of selling off the country, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Thursday hit out at the saffron brigade stating that it destroyed 'Sonar Bharat' and was now busy making tall claims of creating "Sonar Bangla" ahead of the Assembly polls in the state.

"They cannot resolve an issue against which farmers are agitating on the roads for the past 70 days and journalists are getting arrested. They are selling off everything — starting from rail to jail — and the law; prices of essential commodities are going up every day and Dalits are being tortured at different parts of the country. They have destroyed "Sonar Bharat" and are now telling that they want to create Sonar Bangla," Banerjee said.

She also demanded that the Centre should repeal the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) stating it to be a constant threat to the people of the country.

In the same breath, Banerjee once again took a dig at the turncoats — who had moved to BJP — saying that the Centre couldn't provide special trains to help migrant workers to return home safely during the lockdown but could send special jet planes to take some "thieves and dacoits" to Delhi as they were joining their party to turn black money into white.

"At least, 100 migrant workers were killed while walking back to their native places. But, no transport facility was provided to them. How can one be so inhuman," she said.

Recollecting "how the BJP had backstabbed the leaders from Congress that had helped them to form government in Tripura," Banerjee said: "They are trying to play the same tactics here in Bengal by taking some "gaddars (traitors)" in their party ahead of the elections. But, they must keep in mind that it is not going to work in Bengal as it is a land of prosperity and the people here love to stay in peace."

While addressing a convention of the party's Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Cell at Gitanjali Stadium in South Kolkata, she said there is no alternative to the TMC as it has ensured the most people-friendly government in the world and will only aim for further betterment. She also attacked the Centre as a team of MPs led by Saugata Roy could not meet the farmers at Singhu border.

Finding some people demanding benefits, Banerjee said: "This won't work. There is a process of placing your demands. I am ready to help you in every manner provided you approach me in the right way." She also called them on the dais to learn about their problems after the meeting.

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