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BJP could not field agents in about 30 booths in Nandigram: TMC

BJP could not field agents in about 30 booths in Nandigram: TMC

Kolkata: With each passing day Trinamool Congress is becoming more confident of winning in Nandigram after knowing that BJP could not even manage to field agents in 30 polling booths.

According to reports received by Trinamool Congress leadership in Nandigram, there was no BJP agents in at least 30 booths in Nandigram I block.

The booths where there were no BJP agents are in four Gram Panchayats in Nandigram I block. It includes 15 out of 26 booths in Kadamari-Jalpai GP, six at Daudpur, four at Kalicharanpur and six at Mohammadpur.

A Trinamool Congress leader from Nandigram said that BJP is trying to create an atmosphere as if their candidate is winning. But it is not the fact. Suvendu's claim that TMC could not give agents in 70 booths is

also incorrect.

"We had candidates in all 355 booths," he said, adding that Mamta Banerjee will win with a record margin from Nandigram. Nandigram I itself would keep Mamata Banerjee much ahead of BJP on the day of counting. He added that Trinamool Congress workers were threatened and beaten up in post poll violence at areas including Gokulnagar, Basulichawk and Parulbari.

There were a series of incidents at Nandigram on the day of polling on April 1 in which Trinamool Congress workers were terrorised.

Even Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee went to booth number 7 at Boyal Muktab Primary School and remained seated for around two hours to ensure that the rights of people to cast their own votes were not taken away.

The Trinamool Congress leader has also claimed that Minakshi Mukherjee candidate of CPI (M) would get good percentage of vote in Nandigram II block as a result there would not be much difference in number of votes of TMC and BJP in this block. As a result, Nandigram I block is comming up as a deciding factor in this Assembly election in the region.

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