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'BJP brought in outsiders for poll campaign, caused surge in Covid'

BJP brought in outsiders for poll campaign, caused surge in Covid

Darjeeling: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that every day BJP leaders were bringing in people from outside the state and spreading Covid in the name of election rallies. Banerjee addressed three rallies in the Jalpaiguri district on Wednesday.

"Covid was under control in Bengal. Now it is increasing in leaps and bounds. In the name of election campaigning, they are bringing hundreds of people from outside. They will spread Covid and disappear. Where were they when Bengal was in the grip of the pandemic? Did they visit the state once also?" questioned Banerjee.

She further stated that she had requested the Centre to allow her to give Covid shots to all and the state government would pay for it.

"They did not allow this also," she added.

The TMC supremo stated that the Election Commission of India (ECI) is not functioning impartially.

"Everyday Prime Minister Modi has been catcalling me but the ECI has not banned him from campaigning. I had merely stated that the Hindu and Muslims have to remain united and they banned me," alleged the Trinamool Congress supremo.

Banerjee appealed to all to ensure Trinamool's victory in North Bengal.

"I hope you all will ensure Trinamool's victory in Siliguri also. We have done so much. Ashok Bhattacharjee does nothing but walks away with the votes. The BJP has sold off everything and has made lots of money. Now they are spending that money for elections," claimed Banerjee.

The TMC supremo stated that both Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah change statements as per their convenience.

"At some places, they threaten to clamp NRC in Bengal. Both the NRC and NRP bill have not been rolled back. Again in Darjeeling Amit Shah stated that there will be no NRC," said Banerjee.

"Make sure you vote. If you do not then they will strike your name out from the electoral rolls and then send you to detention camps. In Assam as soon as elections are over they have started declaring people as D-voters and sending them to detention camps. 14 lakh people have been asked to go to detention camps. We will not allow NRC, NRP in Bengal if we are voted to power," said Banerjee.

In the evening campaigning in Haringhata, Banerjee stated: "Who are we fighting with? I am ashamed to say that we are fighting with people who do not have the minimum courtesy, minimum political culture. They do not know Rabindranath also. Just growing a beard is not enough. You have to know Rabindranath."

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