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BJP bringing in goons from outside: Mamata

BJP bringing in goons from outside: Mamata

Bishnupur: Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the country's "biggest liar", Trinamool Congress (TMC) chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday rebuked him for wasting tax payers' money by using "government facilities" to hold election campaigns and also accused the BJP of bringing in "gundas" (goons) to the state to destruct Bengal's rich culture and heritage. She also demanded that the Central forces should be controlled by the Election Commission and not be allowed to work in favour of Delhi.

Banerjee's remarks on Modi came up while he was addressing a public rally at Contai in East Midnapore.

"It is my demand before the Election Commission that if state police is controlled by them, then why not the Central police. It is not right to let them (Central police) operate in favour of Delhi. Law has to be one. Just see the partiality taking place. Narendra Modi uses all government facilities and no one else is allowed. He moves around (in cars) with the national flag. He is moving around in planes and helicopters provided by the Central government. On the other hand, we need to hire helicopters. Why this discrepancy?" Banerjee said while addressing the last of the three public rallies — in Bankura — that she attended in the district on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day from her rally in Bishnupur, she said: "I always respect the chair of the Prime Minister. But have never seen such a liar like Modi. He always tells lies and he is the head of the country's biggest 'bhrastachari' (corrupted) party. It is just because of BJP's torture, IAS officers are leaving jobs in Uttar Pradesh."

The TMC supremo also added that her party considers only those people sent from outside Bengal "to foment trouble before elections" as outsiders and not those who originally hailed from other parts of India but have been living in the state for ages.

Empathising the pain of farmers who are agitating for more than 100 days against the three controversial farm laws, Banerjee stated that a "syndicate" is being run by Modi, his Cabinet colleague Union Home minister Amit Shah and Adani. "The trio is running a syndicate and Adani will loot all your crops. It is only three of them who will get to eat. Others will have to starve," Banerjee claimed.

She also remarked: "They (Modi and Shah) cannot even pronounce 'Sonar Bangla'. Instead, they say 'Soonar Bongal'. Being hardly aware of the state's icons, they are bringing in goons to loot votes, destroy the state's culture and tradition."

"I have nothing to get in my life. I do not even take my salary and pension. But I have to stay because no one will work as selflessly as I do. This is the reason why I am moving around the state despite severe injuries on my leg," she said.

Pitching up her voice against BJP's attempt to spend money to bag votes, she said hundreds of their ministers are sitting in Bengal and distributing crores of rupees. "I would gift a job to anyone for catching BJP distributing money red-handed," she said, urging all not to get into "any deal" with the BJP.

Recollecting that BJP had not fulfilled its promise of depositing Rs 15 lakh in everyone's bank account, she said the assurance of implementation of the seventh Pay Commission is also a "hoax".

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