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BITM gets special gallery on digital adventure

Kolkata: Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) under National Council of Science and Museum (NCSM) has set up a special gallery on digital adventure, which was inaugurated by professor M Jagdesh Kumar, Chairman, GB of NCSM and Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. On Thursday, BITM has completed its 60 years journey of educating people about science and technology. The gallery was set up as a part of BITM's diamond jubilee celebrations.

According to BITM authority, the state of the art gallery named as Digital Adventure is meant for showcasing the advancement of digital technology in a combined way with entertainment and education. The gallery consists of 15 exhibits. Technologies like motion sensing, augmented reality, virtual reality mind mapping technique and gesture recognition are being used in the exhibits.

Out of the 15 exhibits there is a mind game exhibit which shows the transformation of brainwaves into power. In the exhibit, a visitor needs to wear a certain headgear which will keep in touch with the portion of head. Following that the visitor need to concentrate which will produce brainwave. Such brainwave will be converted in to power which will move a small car kept inside a glass case. Also, there is a humanoid robot called Chotu. It is capable of playing with a ball, answer questions and even dance.

The director of BITM, V. S, Ramachandran said: "Our aim is to educate people through digitised format. Also, some fun has been included. To be precise, it is a mixture of fun and education for all age categories."

Apart from the new gallery, an exhibition on renowned scientist Stephen Hawking named as 'Mind over Matter' was organised also. The highlights of the exhibition is based on various aspects of Hawking's life and his scientific achievement through graphical display, audio-video clippings, multimedia and a 3D model of black hole.

Dr Saroj Ghose, former director general, National Council of Science Museums, Prof. Sibaji Raha, former director, Bose Institute, Kolkata and Ingit K Mukhopadhyay, former director, Bose Institute, Kolkata, graced the inauguration ceremony of the special gallery on digital adventure.

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