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Bisorjon shows that love does not follow religion, says Kaushik

Director Kaushik Ganguly, whose Partition-themed movie Bisorjon got the National Award for best Bengali film, says the project gives a message that humanity and love remain over and above all religions.

"Bisorjon talks about the love between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman living in India and Bangladesh respectively. It says humanity is over and above all religion. It says love doesn't follow religion," Kaushik said here.

Asked about the significance behind the name of Bisorjon, the director says, "It is about the Bisorjon (immersion) of love. And we have shot the sequences of real life immersion of Durga idols on Vijaya Dashami day on river Ichhamati in Taki, where the river flows along the boundary of the two countries.

"On Vijaya Dashami the border ceases to exist during immersion time and idols from both India and Bangladesh are taken out in boats on Ichhamati for immersion. This is a unique spectacle and we have sought to capture the moment in the film," Kaushik says. Talking about the film's relevance in the present situation in the country, Kaushik says, "I don't understand politics. I believe in airing my views through art.

"I wish the film is viewed in both countries, as we are connected by a common language, Bengali. There are many people in Kolkata who have their ancestral homes in then Purbobango (East Bengal). They still converse in the dialect of that place. Same is true for people living on the other side of the border. I wish the film is seen by everyone," he says.

Happy that Bisorjon will be released on Bengali New Year in India, Kaushik says, "I am keen it is commercially screened in Bangladesh very soon." Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan, who had been cast in Srijit Mukherjee's Rajkahini, plays the Hindu woman in the film, while Bengali actor and Kaushik's Bastushaap protagonist Abir Chatterjee essays the male lead. "Abir has portrayed the character of a rural
folk and his diction, body language were unbelievable. You will also see a different Joya Ahsan," Kaushik says.
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