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Binay comes up with helpline to address public grievances

Darjeeling: On the heels of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's Didi Ke Bolo campaign, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (Binay faction) has come up with a number where the public can lodge complaints.

Talking to media persons, Binay Tamang, President GJM stated: "We as an important political party in the

Hills have always strived to ensure all round development in the Hills through the GTA.

"We have always stressed that all development work (project) have to be upto the mark. We have always maintained transparency. We have vouched for a corruption free GTA and the Hills."

Tamang stated that earlier also the GTA had made public a number whereby complaints of sub standard works could be registered. It had evoked immense response. Owing to instant checks, the quality of work improved considerably.

"However, we cannot keep tabs on everything. The public have to be proactive. Instead of complaining on social media, they now can complain in this number. We will take immediate action if it is GTA related. If it is state government related we will get in touch with the concerned State Government department," assured Tamang.

He stated that the complaints could be relating to sub standard work, anomalies relating to appointments or anything illegal. It can be against leaders along with the rank and file. However, there should be substantial proof and not just to harass an individual or party.

"The number is 6291482120. It is a WhatsApp number where the complaints can be registered," stated Tamang. He stated soon recruitment of teachers along with Group B, C, D staff would ensue for the GTA.

"Appointments will be handed out as per rules and strictly on merit basis. In case of anomalies complaints can be registered," stated Tamang.

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