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Bike taxi riders flout registration norms in city

Bike taxi riders flout registration norms in city

Kolkata: The application-based bike taxi service providers in the city are allegedly flouting vehicle registration norms by using motorcycles with private number plates. According to sources in the state Transport Department, plying of bike taxis without commercial registration is illegal.

"If they are caught doing so, the registration number may get suspended. The rider can be prosecuted under section 39/192 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The minimum fine for the offence is Rs 5000," the source added.

Not just that, commuters have also complained of misbehaviour by the rider. Recently, some riders were arrested on the charges of molestation and misbehaviour in separate incidents. Commuters have alleged that the aggregators don't verify necessary details about the riders at the time of recruitment. The aggregators only pay attention to the driving licence and registration certificate.

According to police, in case of an accident the passengers of bike taxis without commercial registration will not be covered under insurance for violation of registration norms.

Commuters have alleged that most of the riders bring motorcycles registered for private usage.

When contacted over phone officials of some popular aggregators evaded the questions and disconnected the call.

Even as incidents of misconduct by the rider remain unabated in the city, their recruitment process is quite simple and hassle-free—with lesser checks or regulations. "If a person wants to become a bike taxi rider, he or she needs to furnish a valid driving licence and possess a motorcycle. The person should visit the app based bike taxi service provider's office and create an id. The person should furnish updated bike documents and driving licence. That is all and the rider can use the id for accepting bookings by customers," a rider said, requesting anonymity.

"No commercial licence or yellow colour number plate is required to become a bike taxi rider. You just need to have the updated documents of the bike," added the rider.

He reiterated that on being caught, a fine is imposed. However, the penalty amount is paid by some aggregators,

sources claimed. "Before starting the trip, we convince the passenger not to tell the police (if caught) that it is bike service," said the rider.

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