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Bengali short film 'Boitorini' starring Soumitra Chatterjee released on youtube & OTT platform

Bengali short film Boitorini starring Soumitra Chatterjee released on youtube & OTT platform

Kolkata: A Bengali short film 'Boitorini' starring legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee has been released on youtube and OTT platform.

The film directed by Anindya Dutta was released on Tuesday on digital platform to commemorate the 86th birthday of Chatterjee.

The main lead of 'Boitorini' (The River Between) is played by the late thespian. Beside getting released on youtube at the dedicated IP of a production house where people can see the 29-minute film, it is also being streamed at an OTT.

The story revolves around the life of widower Sougata Roychoudhury (played by Soumitra Chatterjee), an eminent poet who is being honoured by a literary society to have a serene holiday at Kusumpur forest, the director said.

"For widower Sougata, this is also an escapade from the estranged family of his careerist son and as he traverses the journey, a question storms his mind where does man escape after all? He tries to find the answer in all that he could achieve in life. As a mysterious village girl appears before him suddenly, he realises that there is a river that flows in between to separate life from death. None can escape from the suddenness of crossing it at the end," Dutta said.

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