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Bengal Govt sets up centres to promote vetiver grass handicrafts

Kolkata: The West Bengal Government has set up four centres in Nadia district to promote handicraft items made of vetiver grass.
Two centres have come up in Nakashipara and one each in Tehatta and Krishnanagar. Attempts are on to open another centre in Ranaghat.
According to senior State Government officials, handicraft items made of vetiver are in high demand as in many government and private establishments, business centres and housing complexes, they are being used as items of interior decoration.
Also, vetiver table mats, door mats and table decorations are in high demand.
Most of the artisans are women and they have formed self-help groups (SHG) to run the centres. They are given designs by the district officials.
Steps have been taken to send the items to other states too.
Through a unique initiative by the State Government, vetiver grass is being used to prevent soil erosion along the banks of six rivers in Nadia – Churni, Mathabhanga, Jalangi, Icchamati, Padma and Bhagirathi.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has named the project Sabujayan.
Taking cue from the success of vetiver plantation in Nadia, the grass is being planted to prevent soil erosion in Purba Medinipur as well.
The self-help groups, who manufacture the home décor items, also manufacture bags from the grass which is used to hold the saplings given to mothers of newborns as part of the government's Sabujshree Scheme.
This scheme is another brainchild of the Chief Minister.
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