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Bengal Chamber holds talks on ecological sustainability

Kolkata: The Bengal Chamber organised the 6th edition of a discussion on ecological sustainability at the Industrial Region in Haldia on Friday.

The discussion was a part of the continuous effort and exercise to address environment friendly practices particularly relevant to the industrial region in Bengal.

The objective of the discussion forum is to bring together the stakeholders of the region and discuss, learn and share how "Environment and Industry" may replace "Environment vs Industry" which is this year's theme. The West Bengal Government is expanding the Industrial Zone in Haldia.

An area of 805 sqkm, including Shahid Matangini, Kolaghat and Panskura, would be a part of the development project. Mouza-based digitized land use map would be created as Land Use and Development Control Plan. The zone will have designated lands for industry, agriculture, housing, roads and railways, forest areas besides the natural and man-made water bodies of river, lakes, canals and ponds. Beautification will include gardens.

These are all positive indications for this region to contribute to the industrial development of the state.

The chamber's focus is to facilitate the stakeholders including business and government to bring value to region. It is important that the industry considers the environmental impact and delivers responsibly to the development. This includes quality control, energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, implementing water treatments and addressing wastes.

"The Chamber has always been forthcoming is showcasing the potentiality of the region and supporting seamless business here. Towards this end, the chamber also made policy advocacy by submitting recommendations to the Union Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan seeking removal of the moratorium on industrial investments in Haldia," stated Subir Chakraborty, Vice-President, The Bengal Chamber and Deputy Managing Director, Exide Industries Limited.

Mr Brij Behari, Executive Director, Indian Oil Corporation LTD was present at the session.

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