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Ayurveda students conduct seminar on life of Charaka

Kolkata: The National Ayurveda Students' & Youth Association (NASYA-WB) in associated with the Independent Research Ethics Society (IRES) and Central Ayurveda Research Institute for Drug Development (CARIDD) conducted a seminar at the CARIDD in the city remembering the contribution of Charaka, one of the

principal contributors to Ayurveda.

The renowned personalities in the field of Ayurveda from across the country took part in the discussion highlighting various aspects of the life of Charaka and his teachings.

The event was organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of the historical personality.

One of the main objectives of the seminar is to make people aware about Charaka. Dr Achintya Mitra, a research officer of Ayurveda, delivered his lecture on the 50 lectures of Charaka.

He discussed in detail the preachings of Charaka how they are still effective and can be applied in the modern era.

Another research officer Dr Dipsundar Sahoo discussed on the commentary on Charaka given by another scholar.

Dr Ranjita Ekka who is also a research officer delivered her lectures on the ten diagnosis procedures as propagated by Charaka.

Dr Pavan Kumar Sharma, the president of IRES in Kolkata and the director of CARIDD Dr Amit Kumar Dikshit were among the other dignitaries present in the programme.

Many Ayurvedica teachers and students also took part in the programme.

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