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Attempts made to establish our mothers & sisters as coal smugglers: Mamata

Attempts made to establish our mothers & sisters as coal smugglers: Mamata

Chinsurah: Raising the issue of women's security in BJP, TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday slammed the leaders of the saffron brigade, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for attempting to identify "mothers and sisters" of Bengal as coal mafia over the ongoing coal scam that is being probed by the CBI.

"There are only two leaders in the country and they are muscle flexing. Just imagine where they are attacking. Just because the BJP cannot stand me, you all can kill me. But tell me one thing, can they defame the mothers and sisters of your families? A 22-23-year-old housewife has been called a coal mafia when the BJP leaders themselves are hobnobbing with the perpetrators. Don't you feel ashamed defaming the mothers and sisters of our families when you (BJP leaders) are deeply involved in corruption? Narendra Modi should tell us where has the money from 'notebandi' gone? Why Coal India Limited, Railways, Sail and BSNL are getting sold," Banerjee asked while addressing a rally at Chinsurah.

Her statement in this regard comes a day after CBI officers recorded the statement of

Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee's wife Rujira as witness in connection with a coal scam. She accused the BJP of using the hotel of the coal mafia in Durgapur.

"They are trying to intimidate us. But it is not possible to distract us from fighting to safeguard the dignity of Bengal. They are defaming the women in Bengal when they themselves use the hotel of a coal mafia at Durgapur. Just ask them to speak the truth, if they have guts," Banerjee said.

Citing the incident of actor Saoni Ghosh, she said: "There are some people in the BJP party who cannot respect women. Saoni was not spared just because of one or two of her tweets. I will feel ashamed revealing the story, one after the other, what happens after women join the BJP. Women are not safe in the BJP. Please do not send any women family members of yours to that party. Many are now tight lipped and cannot reveal the secrets. On the other hand Trinamool Congress gives utmost respect to mother."

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