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At CMCH, there is less number of dead bodies but that's not good news

Kolkata: The pledge of donating dead bodies for medical studies and research is not going on in a full swing at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) for quite some time due to infrastructural lapses of this medical college.
As a result of this, the CMCH authorities have been refusing dead bodies and they were eventually being sent to other medical colleges in the city.
Three injector machines of the Anatomy department which are used to inject formaline and other necessary chemical solutions into the bodies to prevent them from decaying have not been functioning for more than a year now.
According to a senior official of the medical college, the matter was informed to the Swasthya Bhavan that the injector machines were lying defunct but the hospital authorities are yet to receive new injectors.
According to sources, for the past one-and-a-half-year, there were very few bodies donated in the medical college. The ones that were donated were preserved by the doms who have picked up an alternative process for the preservation of dead bodies.
The matter is, however, debatable if the doms are preserving the dead bodies by following the correct procedure.
The question also remains that if it is not a foolproof process, there are possibilities of medical students getting infected due to the faulty preservation of the dead bodies.
The doms at the CMCH, however, claimed that they preserve the dead bodies following the right procedure. But doing this manually is a tedious process which could have been better managed by the injector machines meant for this work.
There has been renovation work going on at the Anatomy department of the CMCH as a result of which the bodies were always received by the medical college authorities.
In the past few months, many people who had pledged to donate the bodies of their dear ones for medical studies and research had been denied by the medical college authorities.
In many cases, they were advised to take the bodies to other state-run medical colleges in the city.
If the rate of body donations goes down, the students will face problems in the practical classes.
There is always a scarcity of bodies in all the medical colleges as a result of which, most of the students have to watch bodies from a distance during the anatomy class, thus being deprived of practical knowledge.

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