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Apologise to Abhishek Banerjee: Court to Mukul

Kolkata: Alipurduar Court has directed Mukul Roy to apologise in writing to Abhishek Banerjee within 30 days.
The Court has observed that Mukul Roy had failed to decipher the true purport and content of the documents based on which he made the defamatory statements against Banerjee. On November 10, 2017, Roy made some defamatory statements against Banerjee at a public rally organised by the BJP on Rani Rashmoni Avenue alleging that Banerjee is the proprietor of Biswa Bangla Marketing Corporation Limited and Jago Bangla Media Private Limited and he financially benefitted from the two.
The Civil Judge, Alipurduar Court, passed an order on November 21 restraining Roy and prohibiting him from making any statements that may reveal any connection between the two organisations with which Banerjee does not have any traceable or valid link. The Court on Saturday observed that Mukul Roy was reckless in understanding the true effect of the documents which were relied upon by him.
On the defence raised by Mukul Roy that he was a layman, the Court observed that Roy should not have pursued such an "over zealous" act of questioning the locus standi of a Member of Parliament.
Concerning Roy's statement regarding Banerjee's alleged link with the two companies, the Court observed that "there was no stalwart expertise required to comprehend that no person could be a sole proprietor of a body corporate, further stating that the common sense of an ex-minister of the Indian Railways can be expected to be sufficient". The Court further observed that Roy's statements were made to crush the position of Abhishek Banerjee before the public at large and such lose and unwarranted public comments against Banerjee were enough to jolt his esteem justifying his act of launching the present litigation.
Roy was required to be restrained without which it would become almost impossible for Banerjee to recoup or salvage the situation and his image would suffer a setback which would be difficult to replenish by any compensation of money or its worth.
Roy has made such statements without application of any sort of mind, the Court remarked.
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