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Anti-stubble burning campaign launched in Balurghat

Anti-stubble burning campaign launched in Balurghat

Balurghat: The District Agriculture department has launched a massive campaign among farmers to discourage the practice of stubble burning after harvest. Usually, farmers resort to stubble burning after harvesting Kharif crop to prepare the ground for sowing of Rabi crop. In the process, enormous amounts of toxic particles are released in the air.

District Agriculture Officer Asish Kumar Barui has urged farmers in all eight blocks to refrain from burning stubble in the field.

"We have started a massive campaign against stubble burning. The problem persists as farmers use mechanical harvesters, which leave behind a substantial part of the crop's root as the residue," Barui said.

Due to technological advancement, the time between Kharif and Rabi crops has shortened. Thus, the farmers use mechanical harvesters to prepare the land fast.

Barui said the district Agriculture department will also work towards dissuading farmers from burning stubble.

Environmentalists have also welcomed the initiative taken by the district Agriculture department to spread awareness among the farmers.

"Burning stubble creates enormous pollution in the air and reduces oxygen level. This can prove fatal for the COVID-19 patients. We have welcomed the decision and steps taken by the Agriculture department," said local environmentalist, Tuhin Subhro Mondal.

As per the decision taken by Mamata Banerjee-led state government, Bengal observed 'anti-stubble burning day' on November 4.

It may be noted that the state Environment department has already banned stubble burning in fields across the state in an attempt to fight air pollution.

The violators will be prosecuted under the Air Act, 1981 and can even be jailed.

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