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AMRI case: Serious negligence, says report

Kolkata: A report submitted to the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC) regarding the death of Oyetri Dey hinted at serious negligence on the part of the hospital authorities. She died at AMRI Hospital, Mukundapur, on January 17 this year.
Following the death of the four-and-half-year-old, her family members brought serious charges of negligence against the private hospital and lodged complaints with the state Health department and WBCERC. An inquiry committee was set up to probe the death of the minor.
The report said that the victim died due to effects of asphyxia. It also mentioned that there were "petechial haemorrhagic spots of variable sizes in the lungs and the left surface of the heart".
During a hearing that took place on last Friday, the officials of the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission, AMRI hospital authorities and the complainants were asked to file affidavits on Wednesday when another hearing took place regarding the same. The report said Oyetri had been intravenously given Augmentin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infection, shortly before her death. This could have led to a sudden cardiac arrest if the drug was administered without a skin test to check for allergic reactions.
"Those allergic to Augmentin may suffer a swelling in the larynx, choking the airways, leading to asphyxia. Petechial haemorrhage, on the other hand, could result from a disseminated intravascular coagulation, said a city doctor. He also added that it seemed the child was given Augmentin for an upper respiratory tract infection without a skin test which must have been done as per the norm.
The report mentions that three intravenous Augmentin was administered on the patient, each of 400 mg power, soon after her admission in the hospital. The primary treatment could have started with oral preparation and syrup.
There were reactions in her body as the intravenous Augmentin was administered. Hepatic and renal dis-function started due to this, the report mentioned. This also affected the central nervous system of the patient, it added. What came out to be a major lapse as the method of treatment of the baby was not registered in the log book of the hospital as the doctor allegedly issued verbal instruction over phone. The family members of the victim and some of the hospital officials also took part in the hearing that took place in the office of the WBCERC.
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