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Alpanas adorn busy stretches with COVID-19 awareness messages in Birbhum

Alpanas adorn busy stretches with COVID-19 awareness messages in Birbhum

Kolkata: The Birbhum District Police has roped in folk artists to strengthen their awareness activities about the necessity of social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Several artists have also joined hands with the cops to paint alpana (colourful motifs) on several stretches with do's and don'ts to combat the spread.

"We have so many talented folk performers in Birbhum. We have urged them to compose songs to create social awareness among people. They have done so and we have made arrangements of airing these songs near ration shops, markets and places where there is a gathering of people. The concept has yielded fruitful results and in the ration shops, customers are maintaining safe distance while in queues," said Shyam Singh, SP of Birbhum district.

Veterinary doctor Shib Shankar Soren has translated a number of such songs in Santhali while school teacher Pradip Tudu has lent his voice to them. The songs are being aired in tribal areas for their awareness. Soumyajit Barua, SDPO Rampurhat; Abhijit Chatterjee, CI Sadar and Swargajit Bose, OC Watch have also lent their voices to a number of songs.

"Some local artists and police members who are good in painting have drawn alpana on some busy stretches bearing awareness messages to prevent spread of COVID-19. These activities have been taken up in all police station areas and at places where crowds might gather," Singh added.

The police have also allowed opening of a garage and a dhaba at a distance of 20 km on the state and national highways. The move is to ensure that drivers and helpers of cargo vans or vehicles do not face any difficulty due to lack of food. Seven breakdown vans have been mobilised at strategic locations in the highways so that vehicles can be towed to the nearest garage in case of any fault. The essential services like vegetables, grocery, fish, meat and eggs have been kept out of the aegis of lockdown in the state which will continue till April 14.

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