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'All should join hands against hatemongers'

Kolkata: West Bengal Education minister Partha Chatterjee said on Tuesday that all should unite to protest against efforts to create an atmosphere of hatred and divide people in the country.
Chatterjee, who was addressing an international discussion on Sufism here, told newsmen that there was an air of intolerance in the country and also elsewhere in the world.
The programme was organised by the Asiatic Society India with support from Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.
"One should never support any kind of intolerance, any hateful gesture, any attempt to create mistrust among the people. Each and everyone must unitedly fight against attempt by some misguided youths to divide the society," said Chatterjee, also the Secretary General of Trinamool Congress.
"All honest thinking and free thinking people should protest against the attempt to divide people," he said.
Other speakers at the discussion said there was a need for an end to the "atmosphere of religious divide, hatred and intolerance prevalent all over the world".
President of Asiatic Society, Professor Isha Mohammed said "We are holding the discussion on Sufism at this time to speak against the attempt to divide people and bracket people as 'us and them', to project the thought that everyone is equal. The Asiatic Society wants to spread the message of harmony which forms the bedrock of sufism."
President of the Dhaka-based Council of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (ASB), Professor Mahfuza Khanam said "When we think about the attacks on children in Syria, the recent murder of free-thinkers and liberals in Bangladesh by fundamentalists or instances of violence elsewhere in the world, we wonder where are we heading to."
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