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Agriculture dept provides free micro-irrigation facilities to South Dinajpur farmers

Agriculture dept provides free micro-irrigation facilities to South Dinajpur farmers

Balurghat: In a bid to ensure lesser usage of water for cultivation, South Dinajpur Agriculture department has started providing free micro-irrigation facilities to farmers. The project was undertaken under Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana and Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana.

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Plant Protection) Anirban Lahiri said: "On the basis of the application of the farmers, we have started providing free micro-irrigation facilities like sprinkler and drip irrigation to them for better farming. We will collect the application from the farmers till December 31."

According to Lahiri, the concerned department has already received 1,754 applications from the farmers.

"We have issued 699 work-orders regarding the matter. As many as 531 applicants have already received the irrigation facilities so far. The rest of the applicants will get the benefit soon. The scheme is envisioned to ensure that crops are not affected due to lesser rains through the proper supply of water," he said.

An official source said the Agriculture department had issued 122 work-orders for Balurghat block, 134 for Gangarampur, 74 for Kushmandi, 145 for Tapan, 100 for Banshihari, 58 each for Harirampur and Hili and eight for Kumarganj.

As per the criteria, the farmers require only 35 decimal of agricultural land to avail the opportunity. Despite the facilities, the farmers were also given 184 pump sets and boring covering all eight blocks of the district.

Deputy Director of Agriculture Ashis Kumar Barui said: "The micro-irrigation facility will not only help the farmers in meeting the water requirements but also result in the prevention of water wastage. Apart from the cultivation of food crops, it will help them to grow vegetables and fruits."

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