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Agri Marketing dept to set up more Sufal Bangla stalls in state

Kolkata: The state Agriculture Marketing department is all set to add more Sufal Bangla stalls to the existing ones by the end of June.
It may be mentioned that the state government has set a target of setting up 100 Sufal Bangla stalls and setting up more stalls is a part of the initiative taken to reach to the target. In June, four more stalls will be set up in Kolkata, Salt Lake and Birbhum.
It may be recalled that the initiative to set up the Sufal Bangla stalls was taken up to ensure that people in the urban parts of the state get fresh vegetables at the right price.
The stalls are mainly run by Farmers' Producers Organisations (FPOs), who collect vegetables directly from farmers and sell them in the Sufal Bangla stalls.
One of the new Sufal Bangla stalls will be set up at Ahmedpur in Birbhum, while the other three will come up at Kolkata and Salt Lake.
The one at Ahmedpur will be inaugurated on June 20. The one in Kolkata will come up at Belgachia and the two others will be set up in Salt Lake. The three stalls at Kolkata and Salt Lake will be opened on June 14.
According to a senior official of the state Agriculture Marketing department, the step to set up the stalls at these four locations has been taken following demand from the people of the area to set up the same. It may be mentioned that at present there are around 46 such movable stalls that keep moving from one point to another in a particular location in urban parts, to help common people get fresh vegetables at the right price.
Moreover, there are around 21 stalls which have been constructed at different urban areas in the state. There are stalls in North Bengal as well.
At the same time, the Agriculture Marketing department is also having plans to introduce some more items, mainly fruits, in the Sufal Bangla stalls. But the final decision in this connection will be taken in a meeting scheduled to be held in the end of the first week of June.
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