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After wife gets detected with cancer, man jumps off building

A 52-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of a three-storeyed Regent Park residential complex in South Kolkata on Monday morning.

Police said the victim, Sanjay Mondal, was suspected to be in depression as his wife was suffering from lung cancer.

A police officer said that the victim went to the terrace of the three-storeyed building when others in his family were busy with their household work and suddenly jumped off from the terrace.
His neighbours heard a thud and rushed out of their flats. They found the person lying in a pool of blood and took him to M R Bangur Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Police initiated a probe in this connection and spoke to his family members.

A police officer said that they came to know that the victim's wife was suffering from lung cancer and the person's behaviour had completely changed since the day he came to know that his wife was suffering from cancer.

He stopped talking much to his neighbours and used to keep himself indoors most of the time.

Though police suspect after preliminary investigation that he had committed suicide, they are not ruling out the possibility of any foul play in this incident.

The cops came to know that the door of the terrace used to remain locked most of the time. The police have spoken to other residents of the residential complex to know that who keeps the keys of the terrace's door. The police are also trying to know that how the person had managed to unlock the door and how could he even get the key.

Police also spoke to the victim's relatives to know whether he had any rivalry with anyone or had he been threatened by anyone in the recent past.
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