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After Kolkata, police bodycam putting brakes on traffic violation in districts

Kolkata: After Kolkata, introduction of bodycams for policemen in districts has helped in checking rash driving on motorbikes and flouting of traffic norms.
It may be mentioned that there were many cases earlier, in which the police officer had to let a person go when the latter had argued, challenging the policeman despite flouting traffic norms, especially when caught speaking over cell phone while riding two-wheelers.
They were allowed to go without being penalised by the police, as there was no surveillance camera at the place where they were caught, which helped the person argue with the police officer.
Now, with the introduction of the bodycams, there are no more chances of any offender being let go, as all their activities get video recorded. Moreover, they cannot deny if they argue without any valid reason with a policeman.
It may be recalled that the bodycam was first introduced by Kolkata Police and traffic sergeants were found wearing the same while performing duty on road. It may be recalled that there were many such cases, in which a person had raised allegation of misbehaviour against a traffic sergeant, when caught flouting traffic norms. It used to create a lot of hindrances for the police in taking action against an offender.
With the success of bodycams in Kolkata Police, the district police and police commissionerates have also started providing the same to their policemen, mainly those who remain on duty to ensure smooth flow of traffic.
It may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had launched a state-wide Safe Drive Save Life campaign, to check road accidents.
Besides creating awareness through different programmes, the police have also taken legal measures against those who were found flouting traffic norms.
The police at present maintain a strict vigil all across the state, to ensure that people do not speak on mobile phones while driving. Police now immediately stop a car if its driver is found speaking on phone while driving and take necessary legal action.
Bodycams are also given to a section of police officers, who remain on duty at the state secretariat, Nabanna.

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