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Abhishek urges Yubo Joddhas to work hard to bring down Covid cases

Abhishek urges Yubo Joddhas to work hard to bring down Covid cases

Kolkata: Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee urged the 'Yubo Joddhas' to make the areas where they are working Corona free.

Taking part in an interactive session with the Yubo Joddhas on Wednesday afternoon, he said: "This is not a difficult task. Each Yubo Joddha is looking after 10 families. They should ensure that the members of these families do not get infected and if any of the family members get COVID-19, the Yubo Joddhas should do all the necessary arrangements to take them either to hospitals or safe homes or keep them in home isolation. They should see that those with whom the infected person had come in contact are tested and subsequent steps taken."

More than 6 lakh youths across the state have joined the Banglar Yubashakti initiative taken up by him.

Without naming the BJP, Abhishek said: "There are parties who are using youths for their own interests. They have been used to destroy the social fabric of communal unity and harmony. Fights are being organised in the name of religion. I want the Yubo Joddhas to take part in positive and constructive work."

He said it was unfortunate that after Independence the contribution of Bengal had not been properly highlighted and often lowered by people with vested interests. He urged the youths to get inspiration from Swami Vivekananda, Netaji and those who had sacrificed their lives to make India free. "The youths should be guided by the principle of service and sacrifice. It is a big opportunity for them to serve society and the people in distress."

He said he would hold interactive sessions with the Yubo Joddhas in future and told them to get in touch with him or his team in case they face any problem.

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