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Abhishek responds to Suvendu's letter; says claims false, won't apologise

Abhishek responds to Suvendus letter; says claims false, wont apologise

Kolkata: Calling the defamation notice sent by Suvendu Adhikari, arguably a person who has "no reputation and is incapable of being defamed" to Abhishek Banerjee, the latter's counsel said it would be dealt with firmly.

A letter issued by Sanjay Basu to Adhikari's counsel read that the former's antecedents have shown him taking bribe. Also, he has been charged of extortion by Saradha chit fund accused Sudipta Sen in several letters. All these show that Adhikari "does not have any fame to be defamed."

Abhishek's counsel has denied the allegations made against his client. The notice read: "Your client's impression of receiving love and affection from people is his figment of imagination. Your client is living in a world of fantasy where he considers himself divine."

It further read: "An incompetent older person (your client) calling a highly competent younger person (my client) a "child" and "immature" goes on to show the sheer insecurity, admission of incompetence and a failed attempt to bully an extremely efficient, dynamic and young politician."

Abhishek's counsel mentioned that if the other wishes to proceed with the filing of any proceeding, the same "shall be met with a befitting response, that shall be at your client's risk and peril."

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