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A 'fishy' affair ahead of New Year fiesta

Kolkata: Ahead of Christmas and New Year celebrations, Spencer's has come up with special platters consisting mouth-watering fishes that will certainly clamour for your attention.

To satiate the taste buds of Bengalis, the Spencer's has brought under one roof 100 varieties of fishes at its outlet in the Quest Mall and many others, the opportunity of which the Kolkatans rarely find in local markets.

After being encouraged by the unprecedented customers' response during 'Poila Baisakh' (Bengali New Year), Spencer's is now organising 'Matsya Mahotsov' (Fish Festival) from December 20 to January 1 not only to celebrate Christmas and New Year, but to provide people a chance so buy varieties of fishes from across the country and abroad at affordable prices. The fishes would be available

in 14 other outlets across the city.

"We have unveiled a giant-size Catla weighing 21 kg that has come to the city all the way from the Nagarjun Sagar Dam situated between Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and Nalgonda in Telengana travelling a distance of around 1,500 km in a specially refrigerated van. The buyers will be able to get altogether 100 varieties of fishes from across the country and also from Bangladesh, Norway and Vietnam," said Malagi B Gowda, Chief Manager, Fish and Meat at Spencer's.

The 'Matsya Mahotsov' will not however disappoint Hilsa lovers as they would have varied ranges of Bangladeshi Hilsa from 500 grams to 2 kgs, the price of which would begin from Rs 999 per kg. There will be a limited offer of Hilsa above 2 kgs due to its limited supply. The price of Catla above 10 kg would be around Rs 699 per kg.

One of central attractions at this fish festival would be fresh Salmon that has been brought to the city by air from Norway's Oslo in 40 hours.

The Norwegian fish would be sold at Rs 1,589 per kg. The demand for Salmon has gone up at Spencer's outlets in previous years.

Chuno Mourala would be available at Rs 99 per kg. Among other varieties of fishes — Bhetki, Bata, Chanda, Bele, Tangra, Parshe, Khaira, Shrimp, Koi, Magur, Pabda, Gurjali, Chital and Topse would be abundantly found at Spencer's outlets as a part of the fish festival.

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