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69-year-old woman falls off 5-storeyed building

Kolkata: A 69-year-old woman died after falling from the terrace of a five-storeyed residential apartment at Garia on Sunday late night.
Police came to know that the victim, Lili Mukherjee, went to the terrace to take a walk. Locals all of a sudden heard a thud sound and found her lying in a pool of a blood in a courtyard in front of the building.
Other members of the family were present in the residential apartment when the incident took place.
Police came to know after speaking to the victim's family members that the woman used to go to the terrace everyday to take a walk in the evening. She went to the terrace on Sunday like every other day and all of a sudden fell down from the terrace. They are yet to ascertain as to how she fell down from the terrace and whether there was any foul play behind the incident.
After being informed by the locals, police went to the spot and sent the body for an autopsy. Police are waiting for the autopsy report.
They will also speak to other people who usually go to the terrace to walk in the evening.
Police said the woman first fell on some electric wires and eventually on the ground when the electric wires snapped.
The family members had not seen anything suspicious in her behaviour in the past few days, police came to know after speaking to them. Police also spoke to the locals and learnt that they had never expected such an incident to take place.
In another incident at Katjunagar in Jadavpur, a teenaged boy and girl received severe injuries when they fell from the fourth floor of a building. They were admitted to a health care centre where they are undergoing treatment.
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