6,000 CESC employees to be on duty during Puja days

6,000 CESC employees to be on duty during Puja days

Kolkata: About 6,000 employees of CESC will be on duty to ensure uninterrupted power supply and electrical safety, both at homes and Puja pandals.

There will be close coordination between all the agencies, including police, Fire and Emergency Services department, civic bodies and Puja organizers.

Till Thursday evening, 4,233 applications for special connection to Puja pandals were received and some more are expected within the next few days.

In 2017, there were 4,163 Puja pandals in CESC area attracting a record number of visitors from all over the world.

This year the footfall is expected to go up, giving Kolkata another opportunity to present the biggest and brightest exhibition of outdoor sculpting in the world.

The CESC officials said the number of special Puja power connections is expected to be higher than last year. On the West Bank of CESC area, which includes Howrah and Serampore, there is fast growing enthusiasm.

Compared to last year's 4,163 Puja pandal applications in CESC area, the actual number of Pujas this year is higher, and this includes the steadily growing number of celebrations, organised in multi-storeyed buildings, as also traditional family Pujas (some of which are as old as the city itself).

Total CESC power demand from Puja pandals last year was 5.1 million units.

It may be recalled that the maximum power demand so far successfully met by CESC in 2018 is 2,131 MW which happened on June 18, 2018. CESC sources said preventative maintenance of CESC's distribution network has already been carried out. Throughout the Puja festival, 200 CESC emergency vans, fitted with mobile phones, will patrol the city day-and-night so that restoration facilities can be rushed immediately to the needed site. Additionally, 100 repair teams will be posted at strategic locations.

CESC Cash Offices will remain closed from October 16 to 19. Consumers will, however, be able to pay their electricity bills online any time during this period.

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