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4-year-old beaten up in school, parents stage protests

Kolkata: There was trouble at a private school in Durgapur on Thursday after guardians staged a sit-in
demonstration demanding suspension of a teacher who had beaten up a four-year-old student.
A large contingent of police went to the spot to maintain peace.
On Monday, a teacher had beaten up a four-year-old student of Kindergarten I for spending more time in the toilet. After she came back from the toilet, the teacher beat her up with a stick and slapped her repeatedly.
The girl bled through the left year. Later, she was taken to a hospital where she was treated. On Tuesday, when the parents of several students met the Principal, she assured a thorough investigation into the matter.
On Wednesday, the guardians gathered outside the school and demanded
stern action against the teacher. However, the school authorities refused to
talk to the guardians.
The guardians again gathered outside the school campus on Thursday morning demanding suspension of the teacher. Initially,
the school authorities refused to see them but later they agreed to meet the parents of the affected student.
The guardians of other students refused to accept this proposal and later parents of six students went to see the Principal.
The Principal told them that the concerned teacher had resigned. Not satisfied with this, the parents continued to demand
her suspension.
They told the Principal that they would not accept it as it was just an eyewash because she will be inducted to another branch of the school.
The parents organised a sit-in demonstration outside the school premises to voice their demand.
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