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3, including 5-yr-old of family hacked to death

Kolkata: Three persons, including a five-year-old child, were hacked to death at Jiaganj in Murshidabad on Tuesday, the day of Dashami. The deceased persons were identified as Bandhu Prakash Pal (40), Beauty Pal (30) and Angan Pal (5).

According to local residents, on Tuesday, around 12 pm, milk vendor Rajib Das and his friend Bibrata Sarkar went to the Bandhu Prakash

Pal's house at Lebubagan in Jiaganj. Das informed the police that when he arrived at the house the main door was not locked. He pushed the door open and went inside. After getting inside the house, Das screamed seeing Bandhu Prakash lying in a pool of blood. He also saw a man wearing a black pant and black shirt escaping from the house. Das chased the person but he failed to nab him.

Hearing Das' screams, Pal family's neighbours arrived at the spot and saw Beauty and Angan lying in a pool of blood inside another room.

Jiaganj police station

was informed. It was found during preliminary investigation that the trio was brutally hacked to death.

Seeing the pattern of the crime, police suspect that the motive of the murder could be revenge.

After questioning local residents, the police came to know that Pals had a good reputation and all the members of the family were well-behaved.

Since 2005, Bandhu Prakash was a teacher at Sahapur Primary School. He used to stay at Sahapur village in Sahapur at his uncles house with his mother Mayarani Pal. She had bought a plot of land in Lebubagan several years ago.

Approximately six years ago, Bandhu Prakash got married and about two years ago he built a house on the plot and started living there with his wife and son. Bandhu Prakash used to regularly visit Sahapur.

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