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24-yr-old B.Tech student missing since Dec 31

Kolkata: A 24-year-old engineer went missing after he went to attend a New Year's party at one of his friend's houses at Dunlop in the outskirts of North Kolkata.
The police said the youth, Deep Barik, is a resident of Dakshineswar area. His family has lodged a complaint with Belgharia police station in this connection.
Investigating officers spoke to Deep's family and deduced that he had left home at around 8.30 pm on December 31, saying that he was going to the house of a friend who lives at Dunlop.
The probe disclosed that Deep went to his friend Sanjay Burman's house.
It was around 11.30 pm on the same day, when he last called his mother. Deep, who is a B. Tech engineer preparing for various exams for government jobs, told his mother over phone that he was unwell and would leave Sanjay's house within the next 10-20 minutes to return home.
Accordingly, he left Sanjay's house within 10 to 15 minutes but didn't return home and is still missing.
His family members alleged that his friends had forced him to consume alcohol. However, his friends turned down all allegations and claimed that Deep was already inebriated when he arrived at Sanjay's house that night.
The investigating officers are trying to ascertain whether Deep had left Sanjay's house alone or with someone.
The police also found out that on December 31 morning, Deep went to Chandernagore with his cousin.
Now, the police are trying to ascertain the identity of the person whom he went to meet.
They came to know that he went to Bally Station and took a train to Chandernagore. He used the same route to return home and at night, he went to attend the party at Sanjay's residence.
The police have initiated a search and also questioned several of his friends but no one has managed to provide any leads regarding his whereabouts.
The cops have also questioned his relatives to know whether he went to their houses but have failed to receive any positive information. They are also trying to contact some of the organisations that he visited.
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