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12 Myanmar nationals held for intruding into Indian territory

The Government Railway Police arrested 12 Myanmar nationals, including two women and seven children from Sanhati railway station in Bongaon-Sealdah section on Sunday.

During routine checking, the police found that the foreign nationals were roaming in the station. Police interrogated some of the members of the group after taking them to Bongoan station. As they failed to give any satisfactory answers, the police later arrested them on the charges of illegally intruding into the Indian territory. During interrogation, the police came to know that they had been residing in Bangladesh for past two years. On Saturday they entered into the country illegally.

Police are investigating how these foreign nationals entered into the country from Bangladesh and are trying to ascertain which border was used.

Police are yet to ascertain their motive behind entering into the Indian territory and where they intended to go to. During the interrogation, some of the group members told the police that they came to Bangladesh from Myanmar around two years ago and stayed there during this period of time.

Police have found some discrepancies in their statements. They failed to provide any documents in support of their claims. Police are not sure when this group of people had actually intruded into Bangladesh.

The investigating officers were investigating what prompted them to illegally intrude into the country from Bangladesh after staying there for two years. The investigating officers are not sure if they had lived in Bangladesh for past two years. Police have started a detail probe in this regard.

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