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11 injured in stampede at Burdwan station

Kolkata: Eleven persons were injured during a stampede at Burdwan railway station on Friday. They were rushed to the nearby government hospital.

The stampede occurred at the foot over-bridge in Burdwan railway station, when an express train and two EMU locals arrived at the station almost at the same time.

While the Down Poorva Express arrived at platform number five on 3.14 pm, an EMU for Purulia was placed at platform number four on 3.10 pm from the car shed, which was scheduled to leave the platform at 3.25 pm. As one arm of the paired stairs linking platform numbers four and five was closed due to installation of escalator, the passengers used the other end of the stairs, which resulted in the stampede. The injured passengers include two children and a woman. The condition of the female passenger is critical.

The incident reminds of a similar mishap in which two persons were killed and 17 injured in a stampede on a foot over-bridge at Santragachi railway station in Howrah last year.

The incident took place when a large number of passengers had deboarded and many others were trying to reach their trains at the same time.

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