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Kolkata witnesses hottest day of Jan

 MPost |  2016-01-11 00:30:25.0  |  Kolkata

The city on Sunday witnessed its hottest day in January registering a temperature of 17.7 degree Celsius which is four degree above normal. Senior officials at the regional meteorology department in Kolkata cannot remember that in last which year the city had seen such a rise of temperature in the middle of January. 

They believe that the weakening of western disturbances may have prevented the cold in the city and adjoining districts.  Met office however predicts that the temperature may fall in next 24 hours. 

People are falling ill due to high temperature during this time. As the temperature fluctuates, people are suffering from cough and cold. However, doctors advised to wear warm clothes. Early on the morning the city’s air is often filled with smog, mixture of smoke and fog, which often contribute to the breathing trouble.



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