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Kolkata Police to launch app in state to help pandal hoppers

With Durga Puja just over a month away, you can start your puja plans without getting concerned about the irritating transportation issues. The smart phone app based luxury cab service will continue an uninterrupted service all through the day and night, giving much respite to the pandal hoppers. The joint council of luxury taxi union said the service will be available from the days of Puja.

But this app based cab service is not similar to other popular cab services like Ola or Uber. The mobile app will be launched by the district and Kolkata police, which will not only let the pandal visitors know about the traffic congestion, but help them book luxury taxis as well.

The app will also help find the locations of the famous pujas in the state in North Kolkata, South Kolkata, Central Kolkata, East Kolkata, Behala Area, Port Area, South East Kolkata and Jadavpur. It will also be handy to get information about crowd, transportation, traffic jams and booking the luxury taxis.

This app will be available to the major district townships across the state as well. The app users will find puja pandals after selecting a location, selecting the famous Puja and find the location with Google Map. They can book taxis from there too. There is a SOS button on the app which can be used by a person in distress to send his or her present location to friends and relatives.

“The residents of Kolkata, district towns and foreigners will be benefit from this app-based luxury cab service. They can get this facility promptly. It may take some time to get cab in district townships for the traffic congestion, but we will try our best to deliver best services,” said Subrata Ghosh, the general secretary of joint council of luxury taxi union.

There are 40 thousand luxury taxis plying in the state. There are around 20 thousand taxis plying in Kolkata and other towns. Women are also included in this profession as cabbies. These cab services will give a challenge to the private app based cab service, the experts feel.
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