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‘Know where to say no’

‘Know where to say no’
Actress Chitrangada Singh, who features in Inkaar, a movie which deals with sexual harassment at the workplace, says she knows where to draw the line when it comes to doing bold scenes.

‘As long as I am comfortable with my director and the co-stars, I am open to doing the bold scenes. But I do have my own limits and I know where to say no,’ said Chitrangada.

‘If you are not involved in a scene, your discomfort shows on screen and it makes you look stupid,’ she added.

As an actor, Chitrangada has opened up to new things — commercial Bollywood movies as well as item numbers.

Chitrangada entered the commercial movie zone with Desi Boyz. She recently also did an item number in Joker.

‘I am more comfortable dancing now. Dancing is a lot of fun. I am open to doing item numbers. Let’s see if any interesting thing comes up, then I might do it (again),’ she said.

In Inkaar, she shares screen space with Arjun Rampal and she guarantees this is Arjun’s best work so far.

‘Arjun is a very nice human being. He made me feel very comfortable and that energy translates on screen. He is extremely professional. This is Arjun’s best work that I have seen,’ she said.

Inkaar is an ‘A’ movie, but Chitrangada maintains she is choosy with her scripts. ‘Yes I am choosy about my scripts. I want to do good roles that suit me. I want to choose the best because I have waited really long to be part of good films. I should be convinced with my role,’ she said.

She isn’t even worried about the competition among Bollywood actresses. ‘I don’t know about competition, I only choose to do good work that I like,’ Chitrangada said.

She also says box office numbers don’t matter. ‘Numbers don’t hurt. Everybody wants their film to earn as much money, but at the same time, I am greedy to be part of good films,’ she said.
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