King of Clubs

King of Clubs
Tell us a bit about the plans you have for the Delhi chapter of Pangaea

I’m a firm believer that the bricks and mortar, including to a degree, design, have little do with an ultra-lounge or clubs’ success.  It’s all about the ‘Party’.  Who ever has the best party in a city,  gets all the fun people.  This is very nightclub class #101.  As for the design, we chose not to use  Pangaea’s tried and tested fully tented, African tribal theme.  Pangaea completely took New York, Miami, Spain, London, and Singapore, by storm.  In India, we are going with a highly opulent, fine art related theme, which is absolutely spectacular and I hope the uber wealthy Indians will appreciate.  Regardless of design, our philosophy and psychology that drive our brand and party will be no different than all other Pangaeas.  If something isn’t broken why fix it.

Why use the name Pangaea?

The super-continent of Pangaea is the ultimate primal, primitive beginning of the tectonic movement of the earth’s crust, that over millions of years shaped the continents and way of life we  know now.  I wanted to go back to the absolute roots of the world to remind me to go back to basics in developing and operating an ultra-lounge; service, drama, fantasy, escape, revelry, and ultra exclusivity.  It’s called the perfect party!

What sort of clientele are we going to witness in Pangaea?

Our clientele, or guests as we like to refer to them, have for 32 years always been the elite, super affluent, ridiculously famous, most fashionable and beautiful, including royal familiars and heads of state. The list of Pangaea guests of extreme fame is endless. 

The party crowd in Delhi is different from those across the world, what are the plans?

People party, the world over, exactly the same.  The dynamics of why they go out, what they hope to find or achieve, the aspects of escape, fantasy, networking, meeting and greeting is universal.  Some countries have more highly developed nightlife scenes than others.  This is due to a vast range of pre-conditions, and a hierarchy of wants and needs.  We hope, if lucky, and with  your support, to be India’s first globally renowned club.  It all depends on whether you like, love it, or hate it.  At Pangaea, we don’t forget where our bread is buttered.
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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