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Kin of fighting children get involved in Malda clash

Several persons were injured in a clash between two groups at Malda’s Pukuria on Thursday night. Police said the two groups of people clashed over an incident where two children fought each other. Later, their family members got involved in fighting. Police detained seven persons in connection with the case.

According to the eye-witnesses, who reported the whole incident to police, two children were playing in a field when the fight broke out.

“Raju, the son of local vegetable trader Mokin Khan, started fighting with Babul, the son of a daily labourer Sattar Khan. They injured themselves heavily. Later, the clash spread among their guardians,” the eye-witnesses reported to police.

“The men from both the families started fighting each other. They hurled crude bombs at each other and the injured passers-by,” the eye-witnesses further said.

Ten of the injured people were referred to a local hospital. Police later detained seven persons from the area.

While some local people claimed that the two rival sides were fighting, but police said the identity of the two groups have been confirmed. They are only daily labourers, vegetable traders, fruit sellers and sweepers of the area. They were not among such criminals.

However, a section of people informed the police that the real reason of fighting was something different. Mokin and Sattar had grown enmity over relationship with a woman.

“The fighting of their sons was just a small incident. But the reason for the group clash was that woman, who is the love interest of both Mokin and Sattar,” a local resident reportedly told the police.

“This is really difficult to handle. Mokin and Sattar both denied acknowledging the fact that they have a common love interest. They are also denying that the real reason of clash was that woman,” said a police officer.
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