KIFF focuses on nature with films on endosulfan tragedy, floods

Stepping away from popular entertainment, a couple of productions showcased in the ongoing 21st Kolkata International Film Festival have brought the focus on nature.

A depiction of relationships against the backdrop of a Himalayan flood and a tale of the after effects of the infamous endosulfan (pesticide) tragedy in Kerala through the eyes of a photographer belong to this genre.

Independent filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan's film “Oraalppokkam” (Six Feet High) is the first Malayali venture to be launched through online crowd-funding. 

“The theme is how our egos are destroying our relationships and also harming nature. It is set against the backdrop of flood affected Himalayan mountain valley Kedarnath,” Prakash Bare, the lead actor in the film, told the media here.

Bare said the director took the film through villages in Kerala through special movie wagons and also spread the word through social media for obtaining finances. 

On a similar page, national award-winner Biju's film "Valiya Chirakula Pakshikal" (Birds With Large Wings) on the endosulfan tragedy in Kerala's Kasaragod showcases the indiscriminate use of the pesticide and the state of affairs in the aftermath of the usage.

“Exposure to the harmful pesticide led to severe disabilities and rare diseases in children and more than 10, 000 children have been affected. They die within 5-6 years. The film is not meant to entertain but as a showcase of the disaster which has been dubbed one of world's worst pesticide disaster,” Biju added.


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