Kidnapped Kandi independent councillor rescued

The police rescued the abducted independent councillor of Kandi Municipality from inside an abandoned car at Baranjha in Majhlishpur in the wee hours on Sunday.

Police said that a team comprising some policemen headed by an officer from Baranjha Police Station was conducted in search of a motorbike that had been stolen.

While searching the motorbike they found the red colour car on Haldia-Farakka Badshahi Road. One of the policemen opened the car’s gate and found the abducted councillor Debojyoti Roy sitting on the rear seat. His hands and mouth was tied with pieces of clothes.

Initially they couldn’t identify the councillor. But they brought him out of the car and gave him water. He was in a traumatised state and took some time to get back to senses, a police officer said. By that time the policemen took his photograph in one mobile phone and send it to their senior officer through Whatsapp. The officer identified the person to be the abducted councillor and subsequently he was taken to Baranjha police station, where he told the police whatever he had heard from the miscreants.

Later he told the police that he was the abducted councillor. Police also came to know that the miscreants had plans to take him to Jharkhand.

He told the police that he couldn’t see anyone as he was blindfolded. But he heard some conversations of the accused. He felt after listening to their conversations that they refilled fuel in the car from a petrol pump at Bolpur and had plans to take him somewhere in Jharkhand. The police have also found a motorbike, which had been stolen a few days ago, from near the car.

He was abducted five days ago. The investigating officers are now trying to find out that whether the miscreants had kept him at a single place or if they continued travelling for the past five days and taken halt as and when required. The police are also in search of the person who owns the car.
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