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Khyala continues to house electroplating factories despite rehabilitation

Under this category, strict guidelines are been set for the functioning of the industry as it not only causes harm to the environment but also is a health hazard to the residents as well as the employees who work in such units.

Being a popular area for electroplating industries from the 80’s and developed further through 90’s, the electroplating industries continue to thrive in the Khyala’s Vishnu Garden area of West Delhi.
As per sources, there are over 400 of such units which are functional in the area.

As the units continue to function in a disorganised way, there is also fear among the citizens that the groundwater level of the area is also getting contaminated because of the units.

Gyanchand Chandela, a local resident of the area, mentioned that how difficult it is to breathe sometimes because of the presence of the industrial units.

Even after been placed in the F category status and provided areas in Narela and Bawana, most of the owners continue to function in Khyala’s Vishnu Garden area citing the availability of a market, raw material and manpower in the area.

In acknowledging that there is pollution that is caused by the electroplating units, one of the owner of the electroplating unit said: “Vishnu Garden area is an established industrial area in the city. Not only today are there electroplating factories here but there are also sheet metal components, plastic components and jeans manufacturing units. Why are only electroplating units being targeted.”

In highlighting that he faced heavy losses while operating from Narela, the owner said not only is the market near but the area also has cheap materials required for the functioning of the units.

“There is now a lot of reduction of electroplating units in the area and we now function in a very closed and restricted manner,” added the owner.

The MLA of the area Jarnail Singh in a written question in Delhi Legisltive Assembly addressed to the Environment minister asked the status of these units.

Speaking to Millennium Post, the minister said that he had received complaints of the residents of such units and thereby raised the issue.
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