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KFA staffers ‘expose’ Vijay Mallya

KFA staffers ‘expose’ Vijay Mallya

‘While people warned us that you are still a spoilt brat and whimsical person, not serious about any business. We were told that even UB group is being taken care of by a few people close to your father, if they withdraw it will collapse in no time. We ignored them having faith in you .You betrayed us and our faith as you did with MCF employees,’ the letter, published in a news website, said.

Picking the occasion of International Women’s day, the female staffers at KFA said Mallya had ‘betrayed’ their ‘faith’ in him and the airline. They also alleged that cabin crews were forced to serve in Mallya’s ‘nasty parties’, hinting at possible sexual exploitation of the women employees.
The letter also posed significant questions. ‘Women force have been an integral part of the KFA culture. Today as we stand in trying circumstances we wish to put forward certain question to you: 1 Have you ever bothered to enquire how we have been making both ends meet without salary for 18 months? 2. Have you ever bothered to know that some of us are only working member of our family? 3. Why you ruined our family as well as our career by keeping us in dark, when you were not interested in serious business like airline why you kept on giving us false hopes,’ it said.

Accusing Mallya of looting government banks and denying wages to support his extravagant lifestyle, the letter said, ‘Why did you not terminate us when you had no investor and intention of running the show?’
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