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The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, in cooperation with Delhi Music Society and India International Centre, organized a flute-piano concert by the musical-duo Dávid Simon and János Palojtay from Hungary on January 24 at the Capital’s India International Centre Auditorium.

Opening the evening, Tibor Kovács, The Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, welcomed the audience and introduced the musicians to everyone. The theme was based on classical music with the presentation of various complementing pieces by J S Bach, W A Mozart, Ferenc Liszt, Francis Poulenc, Erno Dohnányi, and Béla Bartók. 

The performance of Dávid Simon, on Flute and János Palojtay, on Piano was well accepted by the audience with the melancholic sounds and tones of their musical instruments. The dense sound and wide range of piano created a smooth amalgamation with the brilliant unity of the lyric and smooth tone of the flute. The musicians maintained an active relation with the attendees by presenting a brief explanation and relative connection of each musical piece, they played. The pianist held Kovács’s cordial support, during the performance.

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