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Kerry and Zarif in crunch round of Iran nuclear talks

Kerry and Zarif in crunch round of Iran nuclear talks
Time is running out, with Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif aiming to agree the outlines of a potentially historic agreement by the end of the month. A full accord is then due by July 1.

Both men, meeting in a luxury hotel in the Swiss lakeside city of Lausanne, are also under intense pressure from domestic hardliners worried they will give too much away.

Speaking in Egypt over the weekend, Kerry sought to ease such concerns, saying that the aim is “not just to get any deal, it is to get the right deal”.

“If (Iran’s nuclear programme is) peaceful, let’s get it done. And my hope is that in the next days, that will be possible,” Kerry told CBS television.

There were, however, “important gaps,” he said.

Zarif said on Sunday that “several questions need to be discussed, those where we haven’t found a solution yet and also those where we have found solutions but where we need to discuss certain details.”

Kerry and Zarif met for nearly five hours on Monday, together with Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi and US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and then alone.



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