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Kerjiwal says Modi has surrendered to Pakistan

Kejriwal told the media that Pakistan had been harbouring terrorism against India and asked how its security and intelligence officials were being allowed to investigate something they had sponsored.

"We were saying ISI (Pakistan's spy agency) was responsible, it was a Pakistan-sponsored terror. Has this position changed?" he asked. 

"Till now, Pakistan was held responsible for spreading terror. ISI (Pakistan's spy agency) itself sent terrorists to India and the same agency has now been allowed to investigate a terror attack," the Aam Aadmi Party leader told reporters here.

Kejriwal said it should have been "the other way round".

"Indian agencies should go to Pakistan to conduct probes as India is a victim of their terrorism but the opposite is happening and I can't tolerate this," he said. 

"We don't know the reason behind this move (of allowing a Pakistani team to investigate Pathankot terror attack). Without any reason, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has surrendered to Pakistan," he added. 

A Pakistani team is in India to investigate the January 2 terror attack blamed on Pakistani terrorists. The attack left seven Indian security personnel and all the terrorists dead.
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